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Zero 2 Sixty

The Band

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A chemistry of sound, talent and showmanship. 

Tony Cowles: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals - is endorsed by Mike Lull Custom Bass Guitars ( ) with all SWR or Ampeg amplification.  Tony uses Dean Markley strings and has been playing bass for 20+ years.  He is the undisputed "king of one-liners" and enjoys discussing politics.
Favorite Movie: Serendipity (2002)
Favorite Band: Older Van Halen (D.L.R. years)
Other Musical Influences: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, S. Hamm and Jaco
Born: Oceanside, CA - May 20
Education: Jeff Berlin Players School of Music and numerous NAMM seminars
Weapon of Choice: Corona with a Lime
Previous Experience: Out There, Velvet Jones, Pop Zero, Vision House
...some say he is the cocky one
Mick Luke: Lead Vocals and Lead/Rhythm Guitar - plays Ibanez, Earnie Ball and Parker guitars, with Line 6 or Vox Amplification.  Mick has been playing guitar and singing for 20+ years.  Mick has also collected 1st prize at the 1998 Seminole Music and Sound Guitar Wars competition  He also enjoys long walks on the beach and puppies.
Favorite Movie: The Natural (1984)
Favorite Band: Dream Theater, Sevendust, Sting
Other Musical Influences: Vai and Satriani
Born: Lansing, MI - Jan. 6
Education: School of Hard Knocks
Weapon of Choice: Vive' Cuervo!
Previous Experience: Wiseguy, Kingpin, H.E.D.
...some say he is the cool one
Will Stern: Drums/Percussion and Backing Vocals - is endorsed by Silver Fox Percussion drumsticks ( ).  Will plays Yamaha Drums (Fusion), Pearl 13" Maple Piccolo Snare, Zildjian Cymbals, Wuhan Cymbals, LP Percussion, Toca Percussion, Aquarian Heads, and uses Yamaha Hardware.  He enjoys shuffleboard and showing-off his disco dancing skills.
Favorite Movie: The Blues Brothers (1980)
Favorite Band: U2
Other Musical Influences: Police, Chili Peppers, DMB, Tool and Bob Marley
Born: Miami, FL - Oct. 8
Education: AA in Liberal Arts, SPC
Weapon of Choice: Jagermeister
Previous Experience: Branches of the Vine, Men of Earth, Pop Zero
...some say he is the sexy one
Red Shirt Extra: Various Loud Noises, Low Register Notes and Backing Vocals - is endorsed by Silly Putty brand play goo.  One time UFC ring champion with a severe hatred of smurfs, anything purple and Ralph Lauren.  Red Shirt Extra is the man behind the myth and always sure to challenge anyone within a 10 ft radius to a game of checkers or hop-scotch. 
Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Wedding Crashers (2005)
Favorite Band: Flogging Molly Hatchet, Magic Helmut
Other Musical Influences: mostly Slovakian Folk or Polka standards
Born: Compton, LA, CA - Jan 1
Education: Culinary School
Weapon of Choice: Howitzer
Previous Experience: The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
...some say he is the mysterious one