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Zero 2 Sixty

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Welcome to


After a little hiatus...
Zero 2 Sixty has accepted a limited number of shows
and is back entertaining crowds
with unmeasurable fun!
Saturday, Nov. 17
9555 Blind Pass Rd.
St. Pete Beach, FL
Showtimes: 9pm-1am
Continue to support live music.


Additionally Z2S would like to thank:
The sexy and always charming Mr. Noel Ortiz
Celebrity Kim
Porn Star Kristina
Joe and Sharon, accountants to the stars / the world's most dangerous accountants
Heavy Steve
Timmy Charoo
Evil Bill
Sam the secret weapon
Amanda with the pink hat
The extremely beautiful, Misty, I mean, Missy Ventre who made so many, many, many good things happen for Z2S and we owe much of our professional success to.  Love ya, mean it!
Raf and Tara and Frank
Porterhouse/Rock Harbor/Majestic
Todd "Pump Fake" Wisenritter
Franc the love spank
Vinnie the Pooh
Jim, Joanne, Classics and Diamond Dolls
Johnny and Mike at Classics - "Is this a bar or a church, Waterboys?"
Bikers Down
Tiffy Poo Chickie Love Button
Jake the 10 inch snake (just play some rage man, you have it in you)
Crazy Zack, Without further ta do.
Jimmy James
The Tampa Bay Lightning
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jeff and Cosmic Voodoo
Jared (subs, jager & Halloween)
Dave Attell
Christie and Meisha and Morgan
Velvet Jones
Quick Shot Paulo
Jason Alfano
Jason Caren
Suburban Tragedy
Captain Condom Head
Creative Loafing/The Weekly Planet and Scott Harrell
Selina, The Hot Dog Chick
Zero 2 ...360?
Claire, Veronica, Vanessa, Haley, Stephanie/Minnesota, the other Stephanie and Loretta 
Mike and the girls at Bare Assets
Anyone that has ever shown Tony your tattoo
Alex and his family - Best kid party ever!
The Rusky and Kim
Jack Willie's - which is still a funny name
The Soup Club
Will's sister, Katie
Mick's sister, Jessie
Barry at MacDinton's
Allan at Frenchy's
Scottie the body, Jaime the radio babe and Carla at GI Westshore
Rachael at Goodfellas
Raquel-cool nose ring, Chris, Tab, Derek at GI Ybor
Brandon, Luis, Mandy, Dave, Well, Lee, Melissa and Herman (you want candies or gums... oh wait, hairspray) at GI Vets
Jessica, Will's Christmas cheerleader
Sam Ash and Guitar Center
The Drum Cellar (RIP)
Magic Helmet
The Waterboys 
& of course last but certainly not least...  Mark Dennis, quite possibly THE sexiest man on the planet

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